The Directory Information Tree (DIT)

In order that we can locate the correct entry within the DIB, the information held within the DIB must be unambiguously defined.

One way of achieving this is to employ a hierarchical tree structure. X.500 defines a logical tree structure for the DIB, called the Directory Information Tree (DIT). Within the DIT, the distributed DSAs will all have a place in the tree structure which will be unique, relative to the root of the tree.

The standard does not define the actual arrangement of the objects within the DIT. However, itis expected that most DITs will follow the By definition, the root of the global directory is not held in any DSA. The top-level DSAs are designed to be the country DSAs. Furthermore, although the current X.500 standard defines services which operate only on a tree-structured DIT, it does not preclude the existance of other structures, if required in the future.