What is IPng?
A brief introduction as to what exactly IPng is, or hopes to be.

Why is IPng being developed?
The current existing protocol is IPv4, better known as just IP. Why the need to replace it. Read on...

IPng design strategies.
So what were the basic design goals behind IPng?

The IPng development team.
Who are the names behind the IPng development and where can I get more information???

IPng - Getting down to the nuts and bolts.

IPng Specification
If you would like to know more about the IPng protocol and in more detail then, what are you waiting for?

IPng - The Answer!

Is IPng really the answer?
There have been some articles published saying that IPng may not be the answer. Addresses long enough? New features? IPng - A temporary protocol? More importantly what about the transition from IPv4 to IPv6? These are just some of the questions asked.

Other things you might like to know about this article.

Yes, believe it or not some articles and other research papers were read to bring you this page. Here they are!

The IPng Group