What is E.D.I. ?

E.D.I. is defined as the transfer of structured data by agreed message standards from computer to computer by electronic means.

So what exactly does that mean ? The best way to understand is to break things down, so let's break down the definition into the following parts :


EDI standards come in many flavours and it is only very recently that one, called EDIFACT , has achieved some kind of superiority, when it was adopted by the United Nations and later in 1987 by the International Standards Organisation (ISO).

Legal Aspects of E.D.I.

A Brief Overview

Interchange Agreements

Trading partners also agree on certain code of practice to be adhered to when transmitting information, these are 'Interchange Agreements', three areas often covered are :

Transporting Documents over EDI

Benefits of E.D.I.

E.D.I. brings substantial savings and benefits to organizations which implement it. Effective use of E.D.I.

Future of E.D.I.

What is the future to E.D.I. ?

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