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Team B.A.N.A.N.A.
(Biometric Authentication for Network Access and Network Applications)

Group Members:

* Karl Chadwick
* James Good
* Gráinne Kerr
* Fintan McGee
* Finbarr O'Mahony


Biometrics is seen by many as a solution to a lot of the user identification and security problems in today's networks. Password abuse and misuse, intentional and inadvertent is a gaping hole in network security. This results mainly from human error, carelessness and in some cases maliciousness. Biometrics removes human error from the security equation. Our project will examine all the technological and feasibility aspects as well as the practical applications. We will look at many different biometric methods of identifying the user.

The project has been divided into the following areas:
* The history and What is biometrics?
* How will Biometric security measures be implemented?
* Where are we now technologically, with regards to feasibility?
* What is the future of Biometrics in networks?
* The pros and cons of Biometric authentication and the likelihood of widespread public adoption.

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