Networks Project 2001


The group with members:

have elected to undertake a project studying the Bluetooth technology.

Project Outline

We have decided to divide our website into the following sections:
  • The hype surrounding Bluetooth - what the companies are telling us and what they want us to believe.
  • The history of Bluetooth - how it was conceived, who conceived it, how it has become a standard.
  • The technology behind Bluetooth - describing the nuts, bolts and implementation details.
  • The future - the likely influence Bluetooth will have and how well it will be received.

Project Schedule

Work on the project has been divided our project into three main areas:
  • Research which will be done by Ger and Will and completed by the 13th.
  • Paul Carey will write the articles and have this done by the19th.
  • Website development will be carried out by Paul Connaughton and will be finished by the 25th.
We then hope to spend a day or two adding some finishing touches to our website, also incorporating any reasonable suggestions made by the management team. We will then submit the fully completed website to the management team no later than Monday the 27th, allowing them two days to put our site up on the main Networks Project website.