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The Future of Music on the Internet

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~ Future of SDMI ~


   But will SDMI succeed in it's Objective?Only time will tell, but a recent foray into MP3-related IRC channels resultedin predictions that MP3 would still remain a viable format for distributingmusic between individuals for quite some time to come. Some people believedthat any SDMI.-related format would fail because, to quote one user knownas MP3Geek, 'there'll always be somebody who wants to take a shot at fatrecord companies and get a crack out.'

    If nothing else, the SDMI. is a political move bythe RIAA. to appear to be making earnest moves to control music piracyand develop, on behalf of its members, a viable means of distributing andselling music in the online arena. But, for the time being, it looks doomedto be plagued with a series of issues that need serious attention. Thesafest bet for 1999 is that MP3 will extend its popularity, while the RIAA.and the major forces behind the SDMI. do their best to gather their forcesand push the industry towards a standard which allows digital music tobe sold online. But let's face it, someone out there will crack the fruitsof the SDMI. and have it online for the sheer hell of kneecapping big business.