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  • Michael Peirce's undergraduate project involved the design of a new electronic payment protocol, he still maintains a page of very useful links on this topic here .

  • The final year students in the 4BA2 Networks Class of 1994/5 have produced introductory material on OSI, Multicast IP, IPng and ATM

  • The class of 1996/7 worked on Elements of WWW Technology - the topics included Web Security, Web Indexing, Java, Diverse Information Types, HTTP, HTML, Web Commerce, Access Control Mechanisms and WWW related commercial network services. Neither has been checked for accuracy
  • The class of 2000/1 have produced a website entitled "Hot Topics in Networking". Topics covered are Telco Access technologies, WAP and iMode, xDSL, cable access,wireless local loop, Bluetooth, server farms, load sharing technology, common file systems and Internet Hi-Fi.

  • The class of 2001/2's website has information on Copyrighting, Internet in Space, Information Warfare, Biometrics, IPv6, Wireless Networks, Satellite Technology, Electronic Signatures, P2P, Internet Gaming, and Optical Networking.

  • The class of 2002/3's website is dedicated to P2P and networking technologies.

  • The class of 2004/5's website covers the following topics: PlaceLab geopositioning system, Onion routing for secure communications, Ad hoc networking, SCI (scalable coherent interface), Broadband over power lines (BPL), Bluetooth security, Denial of service attacks and countermeasures, BitTorrent, Internet worms, Peer-to-peer routing algorithms, GSM and UMTS security, Internet telephony and VoIP, VoIP and wireless networking, Bluetooth for ad hoc networks.