Reconfigurable Radio on a General Purpose Processor platform

One important software radio/software-defined radio emerging research objective is achieving maximum usage out of the available hardware resources by enabling several different applications exist on a user device, but eliminate the need for further hardware upgrades or add-ons.

Reconfigurable radio means a user device that it capable of application, structural, and parameter reconfiguration either manually by the user, or automatically by the wirelss device

Current research being carried out by the NTRG involves dynamically reconfigurable radios based on three levels of reconfigurabilty.
Manual and automatic reconfiguration of single or multiple simultaneous applications
Modification of the signal-processing chain for component re-use, power and performance efficiency
Physical layer/RF Spectrum level automatic reconfiguration for maximum channel capacity usage and dynamic spectrum allocation schemes

The reconfigurable radio is based on GPP platform using the IRIS radio structure and engine. For more info, feel free to contact Keith Nolan.

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