Electronic Payment Systems for E-Commerce 2nd Ed.

Artech House Publishers 2001

Donal O'Mahony, Michael Pierce, Hitesh Tewari

Book Cover As the Internet continues to transform commerce as we know it, the method of payment is one component which is critical to successfully conducting business across a network. The second edition presents the latest developments in this exciting area, including new security techniques such as the advanced encryption standard (AES) and multi-application smart cards. It also presents up-to-the-minute information on the status of secure electronic transactions (SET), electronic checks and micropayments, and features a completely new chapter on the exciting advances in mobile commerce.



Motivation for Electronic Payment.

Characteristics of Current Payment Systems - Cash Payments. Payment Through Banks. Using Payment Cards. Consumer Preferences in Payment Systems. Regulatory Framework.

Cryptographic Techniques - Encryption and Decryption. Symmetric Encryption. AES Message Digesting or Hashing. Kerberos. Asymmetric or Public Key Encryption. Digital Signatures and Enveloping. RSA. Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Transport of Security Information. Dual Signatures. Nonces. Blind Signatures. Chip Cards/Smart Cards. Summary.

Credit Card Based Systems - Mail order/Telephone Order (MOTO) Transactions. Un-Secured Network Payments. Credit Card Aggregation. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL). i-Key Protocol (iKP). Secure Electronic Transactions (SET). Server Side Wallets.

Account Transfers and Electronic Checks - Payment Transfer between Centralized Accounts. FSTC Electronic Check Project. NetBill. NetCheque. Summary.

Electronic Cash Payment Systems - Ecash. Project CAFE. NetCash. CyberCoin. Stored Value Card Schemes. Remarks.

Micropayment Systems - Millicent. Subscrip. PayWord. iKP Micropayment Protocol. X Hash Chain Trees. Micromint. Probability-Based Micropayments. Jalda. IBM Micropayments (Mini-Pay). Banner Advertising. Micropayments Summary and Analysis.

Mobile Commerce - What is M-Commerce. Billing through Mobile Operator. Mobile Payment Systems. Mobile Commerce Forums. M-Commerce Efforts for Existing Electronic Payment Systems.

Payment Systems - Prospects for the Future.