In a wireless network it is important to consider the antennas which are used in order to ensure good quality transmission and reception of signals. Added to performance issues is the increasing awareness on the part of the public about the hazards of radiation. This has resulted in an increases in efforts to design 'safer' antennas.

The Network and Telecommunications Research Group interests extends  to the area of antenna design for the wireless aspects of the The 4th Generation Telephony network

At present the main project in which we are involved is a joint effort between Trinity College Dublin and  the Department of Electronics in the Dublin Institute of Technology, Kevin Street. We both have expertise in antenna design and antenna test and measurement.

Current Project

The Design of Low SAR antennas for GSM/DCS1800
This project involves the design of antennas which reduce radiation to the users head which are suitable for use with GSM/DCS1800 portable cellular phones. In general, exposure standards are based on a measurement called the "specific absorption rate" (SAR). A good design will decrease the SAR in the direction of the user.

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