Proposed Systems

A collection of proposed network payment and/or digital cash systems.

Anonymous credit cards and Collusion with Anonymous credit cards.

The CAFE Project is developing a secure electronic payment system which protects the privacy of the user.

CASHMAN: Charging and accounting schemes in multiservice ATM networks.

Checkfree offer electronic payment services for home and business. Recently they tested their new "Electronic Wallet", which doubles as a credit card, debit card, and ATM card.

Chipper smart card payment system.

Common Electronic Purse Specifications (CEPS)

Danish Payment Systems Ltd. is the Danish centre for electronic payment and information transfers. Their products include Dankort (national payment card), Danmont (prepaid card), Eurocard (credit card) and BetalingsService (direct debit), and payroll systems.

Digital Cash and Monetary Freedom by Jon W. Matonis.

DPI provide electronic direct debit (ACH) services, electronic check drafting, and credit card services.

Electronic cash publications of Stefan Brands and related discussions.

Efficient Electronic Payment System Withstanding Parallel Attacks from Berry Schoenmakers.

Electronic cash using secure newsgroups by Marc Rinquette.

Electronic Commerce Australia is Australia's peak user body for all forms of electronic commerce.

Electronic Payment in the National Information Infrastructure from XIWT.

Electronic Payment Services Co (Hong Kong) develop electronic payment services in Hong Kong. Their site gives details of the Easy Pay System (EPS), a Payment by Phone service, and their Mobile Electronic Fund Transfer Point of Sale Terminal (Mobile EFTPOS).

Electronic Purse from Visa, and details of future plans from the Visa Web site.

Global Payment Card Information Network is an independent banking research organization that monitors, publishes and publicizes information pertaining to smart cards, bank credit cards, debit cards, and provides CardFlash, the "U.S. Payment Card Daily for Card Executives". There is also an overview of the bank credit card industry,

iKP: A Family of Secure Payment Protocols from IBM.

Mondex : smart card based payment system.

National(USA) Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA)

N-Count from QC technology.

Proton stored value smart card.

Single-term online coins by Niels Ferguson.

Sandia Labs proposals for electronic cash and their ECCI Program White Paper.

Associates Commerce Solutions provides payment services and programs including transaction processing services, credit services, and electronic marketing programs.

Telephone Check Payment allows you to accept personal and business checks over the telephone (or by fax) for orders, payments, collections and donations.

Wave Systems provide an embedded smart chip, called EMBASSY, to allow secure metering of information delivered to a user's PC or set-top box.

VisaCash disposable and reloadable smart cards.

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