As part of my final year of study for the B.A.(Mod) Computer Science degree, here at Trinity College , Dublin, I did a project entitled "PayMe: Secure Payment for World Wide Web Services" . This project was done with the Networks and Telecommunications Research Group , within the Department of Computer Science.

I presented a paper about my work on PayMe at the 4th International World Wide Web Conference in Boston, Dec.11th-14th 1995. Here's the paper. We went on to publish a book all about Electronic Payment Systems. Then we published a new second edition: Electronic Payment Systems for E-commerce. I also presented several network payments tutorials. Finally, after several electronic payment books, micropayment papers, tutorials, and lectures they gave me a Ph.D. This is hoped to be a collection of papers, articles, reports, and links to Internet resources related to Network Payment Mechanisms, Digital Cash, and my project. Drop me a comment at

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