Special Issue of JCMC on Electronic Commerce

CFP: Special Issue on Electronic Commerce: Buying and Selling over Telecommunications Networks

Edited by: Charles Steinfield, Department of Telecommunication, Michigan State University

Deadline for Submissions: June 1, 1995

Description of the Special Issue:

Papers are sought for a special issue of The Journal of Computer- Mediated Communication focusing on electronic commerce. By this we mean the use of telecommunications networks for the purpose of linking organizations and/or individuals who engage in some form of computer-mediated commercial trading relationship. Buying and selling over such platforms as the Internet, online services like CompuServe, Prodigy, or America Online, new forms of electronic shopping under development by cable and telephone companies, private interorganizational networks using electronic data interchange (EDI), or other means of providing computer-mediated transactions over telecommunications networks are all valid examples of the types of electronic marketplaces in which we are interested. In particular, we are interested in furthering our understanding of how new forms of computer-mediated commerce are likely to influence individuals, organizations, industries, and/or buyer-seller relationships. Articles submitted to JCMC should make a contribution to knowledge in the field of computer mediated communication. Essays and/or research reports might address (but are not limited to) such issues as:

Inquiries should be directed to Charles Steinfield, Department of Telecommunication, Michigan State University , East Lansing, MI 48824 USA or to steinfield@tc.msu.edu.