Announcement: Jan 11,1995 NetChex offers Secure Checking to the Web

Secure commerce is finally a reality on the InterNet. Merchants and consumers alike can finally transact business, on-line, with total safety and security.

Consumers, using free software provided by NetChex, write electronic checks against their existing checking account. This virtual checking account exists only on the consumer's PC. Sensitive checking account information is never exchanged in any transaction, thereby allowing for the greatest degree of safety and security.

Merchants signed up to accept NetChex can expect full and direct deposit of their payments within 24 to 48 hours of a transaction, and are not required to collect any checking information from the consumer.

NetChex can be used to purchase 1000's of products and services offered on the Net, and very soon, will allow the payment of electric bills, car payments and more!

Contact: Net Chex - Robert McDowell (800)-344-NET1(6381)
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