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News Item, 03/04/96

Java Commerce Applet Demonstrated

Connect, Inc., a provider of interactive commerce software and services, reports it has demonstrated the first "real-world" implementation of Sun's Java in an Internet-based application.

The CONNECT Java Interactive Commerce Applet, or JICA, was reportedly used to create an interactive product-purchasing configuration manager to supplement an online electronic commerce application.

The demonstration was performed at the Sun Electronic Commerce Worldwide Sales Conference in Berkeley, California.

Connect says this online purchasing system example allows people to purchase multiple electronics products, like CD players, stereos, and speakers, in order to put together a home entertainment system within specific budget limits. As part of the demo, all products were also displayed onscreen and checked for real-time validation to determine how one product works with another.

Connect reports that this scenario can be used for business-to-business and consumer-based interactive commerce applications that require in-depth customer service and order validation for purchase decisions. *ND*