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Submitting IE-ACA Certificate
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Introduction to IE-ACA

This contains all the formal documentation regarding certification.

This allows you to request a certificate online.

This gives a list of all the certificates that have been revoked to date

This is a list of contact names in case of queries

Personal Certificate Request Page for Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 (and Higher Versions)

A personal certificate will, when installed in your browser, authenticate you as a genuine user.

To request your personal certificate, complete the following fields and click on the "Submit Request"
button. Your browser will create a unique private/public key pair. The private key will be stored on
your computer and not transmitted. Registration information will be used along with the public key to
submit a request for certification.
Once the Certifcate Authority approves your request, you will receive an email from them telling you the location of your Personal Certificate. Becuase the key pairs are matched this certificate will only install correctly into the browser that made the request.
Name(as written on TRINITY ID card): 
Email Address: 
2 Digit Country Code:


  • Browser cannot generate a certificate request
    You may not have a strong enough Cryptographic provider installed.To install one go to STRONG(128-bit) CRYPTO
  • :page can not be displayed
    Ensure that you are not using a proxy
    Temporarily un-check the box marked "Use a proxy server" located on the menu
    Tools/Internet Options/Connections/LAN Settings
  • Still having problems
    This may be due to the browser's security settings denying access to a required file. 
    Go to View, Internet Options, Security Tab and temporarily set the safety level to Low. Refresh the page and resubmit your request. After you have fully installed your certificate reset your safety level. 
  • You may need to restart your browser for some changes to take effect.

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