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IE-ACA Frequently Asked

Introduction to IE-ACA

This contains all the formal documentation regarding certification.

This allows you to request a certificate online.

This gives a list of all the certificates that have been revoked to date

This is a list of contact names in case of queries

What is the ICE-CAR project?

The objective of the project is to provide all the technology components to support the secure use of the internet for commercial and administrative applications in Europe. The project will improve and deploy the existing security toolsets from the perspective of usability and interoperability.

Where can I view my Certificate?

IE users: goto Tools/Internet Options/Content/Certificates.
NS users: go to Communicator/Tools/Security Info/Certificates/Yours.

How do i send a signed message?

NS Messanger Users: In a Composition window, click the padlock icon. The Security Info window displays information about whether you can encrypt or digitally sign this message.Check the box "Include my Security Certificate in this message and use a digital signature to sign this message".
MS OE users:CLick on the seal icon in the composition window
MS Outlook users:Click the options button at the top of the compostion window and check the box marked sign.
More detailed info can be found on the help menu of all these products under the heading "Security".

NS Messanger:Your certificate has installed ok but you still can't sign messages

Ensure that the certificate verifies correctly,goto Communicator/Tools/Security info/Certificates/Yours,select your certificate and click verify.If it does not verify correctly,check that you have marked the CA as trusted.Goto certificates/Signers,select the relevant CA which issued your certificate and check the box next to "Accept this Certificate Authority for Certifying e-mail users".

MS Outlook/Outlook Express:You would like to send an encrypted mail but can't

You need the public key of the recipient to be stored in your address book.This can be done by obtaining a signed message from the person.Then with Outlook Express click on the certificate icon (small read seal),select view certificate and then click the button "add to address book".With outlook the process is similar. Right-click the name in the From field, and then click Add to Contacts on the shortcut menu.
Alternatively you can locate the person in the Ldap directory and add them to your address book from there.

How do i find people in the ldap directory?

You must add the Ldap directory to your directory accounts.
NS:Choose New Directory from the File menu of the Address Book window. Use the items on the General panel of the Directory Server dialog box to add a new directory service or modify the information for a selected server.
Description: Enter the name of the directory service, such as Ie-Aca Directory
LDAP Server: Enter the Internet address of the server
Search Root: Enter o=tcd,c=ie. Now click on the direcory you want to use and enter the name of the person in the search bar.
MS:In the Address Book , click the Tools menu, and then click Accounts. Click Add, and then follow the instructions in the Internet Directory Server Name wizard. The directory server name is and the search base is o=tcd,c=ie.Now use Edit/Find people and select the relevant directory to use on the "Look in" tab,then enter the name of the person and click find.
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