Dublin Ad-hoc Wireless Network (DAWN) is a project undertaken by the Networks & Telecommunications Research Group (NTRG) of Trinity College Dublin that aims to build a production ad-hoc network operational in the entire city of Dublin. DAWN aims not only to be a testbed for the research undertaken at the NTRG, but also to serve as a prototype 4th Generation Mobile Network.


The basic aims of DAWN are summarised below:

Current State

Currently the Dublin Ad-hoc Wireless Network (DAWN) has successfully completed Phase 1 (end of August 2002) and is fully operational in parts of the Trinity College campus:

DAWN Trinity College campus

The NTRG is at the moment actively working towards realising the second phase of DAWN. When Phase 2 is complete, DAWN will cover the entire Trinity College campus, as well as parts of the Dublin city centre.

Dublin city centre


The NTRG has developed a number of applications that work on top of the Dublin Ad-hoc Wireless Network (DAWN):

The NTRG Protocol Stack

The NTRG ad-hoc protocol stack employs a generic layer architecture that seeks to allow a LEGO-like approach to the development and assembly of networking protocols:
The NTRG protocol stack