The issue of providing security in an adhoc network, has largely been 'put on the back burner', by the IETF working group on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks MANET. However, security is an important issue. Many proposed uses for ad hoc networks are in security sensitive settings(e.g. military networks,emergency sevices,policing). Ad hoc networks pose specific problems for security provision not found in fixed infrastructure(including wireless) networks. The dynamic and spontaneous nature of the network make Key Management a major issue. Other problems are caused by the constraints of the mobile devices. The non-negligible probability that these devices may be compromised or stolen also poses problems. We are investigating possible solutions to the problem of providing security in a Mobile ad hoc network. Below are some links to papers which explore these issues in more detail. A good introduction to the problems of securing an ad hoc network can be found in Securing ad hoc networks by Zhou and Haas(1999).

Security in Ad hoc networks

Good bibliography of papers on security in ad hoc networks
Another good ad hoc security biblio
Smaller biblio on secure adhoc routing
Publications by Terminodes group Includes some papers on security

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